Chris Gales Biography

Chris Gales Bio

Chris Gales is Memphis guitarist, singer, songwriter who has been mesmerizing audiences from all over the world on world famous Beale St. since 2010.  He has been known to perform more than 400 shows a year in the Memphis area using a wide range of genres to keep his audiences on the edge of their seats trying to guess what is coming next.  His influences include Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, B.B. King, Dave Matthews, Allman Brothers, Prince, Marvin Gaye and Hendrix.  Although Christopher is a guitarist first his vocals are strong and soulful.  Match his vocals up with his artistic guitar playing and it makes a wonderful combination guaranteed to please any audience.

In November of 2014 he released an album of cover tunes based on audience requests named Live at Flynn’s.  The cd contains one original instrumental composition titled “A Beautiful Thing”.  You can listen to “A Beautiful Thing” at . Once the original print licensing was used up they were not renewed and currently the CD is not available.

Chris currently performas a solo acoustic show around the Memphis Metropolitan area including on world famous Beale Street.  You can view his show schedule here