Your Desired Text Frequency

Text the following commands with no spaces to The Chris Gales Community number 901-519-2654 to select the amount of messages you will receive. By default when you first sign up you are in the All Alerts Group.  You will get everything but my random thoughts and ideas.  

  • #EveryThing - Includes everything in all choices below and any random thoughts I may have throughout the day and desire to share.
  • #AllShow - This includes all of the choices below plus GOLive alerts.
  • #Weekly - This text goes out on Mondays to update you about the planned events for the week.  Must also text GOLive  if you want to receive live stream notifications.
  • #Monthly - This will be sent at the first of the month to let you know what the major events are for the month and a link to my calendar for the month.  Must also text GOLive  if you want to receive live stream notifications.
  • #StreetTeamA Street Team is a group of fans that shows support for an act by spreading flyers and posting posters on the "street".  We are now in the virtual age so the StreetTeam now post user name and links to help promote.  I will send notifications to this group about what I am trying to focus viewers attention on.  Thank you!!!! 
  • #LateNight - You are okay with me sending notification between the hours of 9:00pm and 8:00am.  I do not send any text on any of the other tiers during these hours.  These messages would mostly be notifications of me going live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you collect our phone numbers for other uses?
No!  I do not even see your number at anytime.  I only see your Name, Sex, Age, City and State, and the date you joined my Community.

When I send you a message does everyone in the Community see it?
No.  Only I and the team member responsible for helping me with maintaining the the Community can see the incoming messages.  If you should make a statement or ask a question that I feel should be shared with the rest of the Community I will do so omitting your name. 

Does this costs anything?
Not to you.  This is all free to you.  I do however pay a monthly fee that I feel is worth it to be able to communicated with dedicated fans in realtime.  This method allows me to not be subject to algorithms and third party app failures hindering me from getting time sensitive information to all of you.  A big shout out to my sponsors for helping me provide this service.

How do I opt out?
Simply respond with the word "stop" and that is exactly what will happen.  Should you  decide to rejoin just type "Start" and you will be back on the list.