7 Years on World Famous Beale Street


I some time sit and count my blessing and one of them is the fact that I actually perform on world-famous Beale Street up to seven days a week.  What is even more amazing is the fact that this year will mark the seven-year anniversary of me playing on the stage @159 Beale Street.

Every morning I wake up and drive to King Jerry Lawler’s Hall of Fame Bar and Grille to play my guitar and sing to people from all over the world.  I have made some incredible friends over the years and some fantastic fans.  If you take a look around my Facebook page you will find pictures and videos people have shared with me over the years.

photo-jul-13-9-12-47-pmOne of the coolest things is when a young adult comes up on stage to take a picture with me and then shows me a picture they took with me as a kid.  Makes me feel old but at the same time I have to say wow.  Me doing what I love, just playing my guitar, made a lasting impression on this person.

One of my highschool teachers came to one of my shows recently and pointed out to me that I am an ambassador for Memphis.  It did not occur to me before that moment that I am.  I am usually the first live music many tourist hear when they come to Beale.  The reason for this is because I am the only live music on Beale up until 2:00 pm most days.

Thanks to all of you who have helped me reach this milestone.  Hope to see you again soon.

You can still catch me, Chris Gales, on a daily basis at noon at King Jerry Lawler’s Hall of Fame Bar and Grille located at 159 Beale Street, Memphis, TN.

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  • Lisa Lombardi-Rice
    Lisa Lombardi-Rice Amarillo, Texas
    I got your (autographed) CD for Christmas! I live it!!!

    I got your (autographed) CD for Christmas! I live it!!!

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