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Hello #TeamChrisGales. It has been a while since posting to this blog. I have been taking some time to refocus and get things moving in a positive direction. Hoping to achieve many of my goals in the near future and create new ones to obtain the next level. Going to up my content creation game, my physical fitness game and of course my music.

I have created a new podcast called Chris Gales GHouse (Rated CG). You can find it wherever your favorite place to listen to podcasts or you can go to Anchor.fm/ChrisGalesMusic and take a listen. I plan on using this podcast to share ideas of motivation, music tips and tricks, answer fan’s questions or whatever I may feel like discussing. Don’t worry. There will be no discussion of politics. Drop by and check it out.

I have been accepted as an Amazon Influencer!!!! I am really excited about this. This gives me the opportunity to share with you items that I use and some I would like to use, with you. A portion of any purchase you make goes to helping me create more for you. You can visit my store at http://Amazon.com/shop/ChrisGalesMusic .

Thank all of you family, friends and fans.

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